Chinese Character: 夏 (xià) summer (Beginner)

Chinese Lesson Online: 夏 (xià) summer

Summer is coming, but do you know how to write the Chinese character for “summer?” The Chinese character for “summer” is “夏(xià)”. Let’s learn to write the Chinese character in this Chinese lesson online.

拼音 (pīnyīn) pinyin: xià

笔画 (bǐhuà) number of strokes: 10
部首 (bùshǒu) Radical: 夂
笔顺 (bǐshùn) stroke order:

常用词语 (chángyòng cíyŭ) Frequently-used words or phrases:

夏天 (xiàtiān) n. summer

夏季 (xiàjì) n. summer (season)


Qùnián xiàtiān, wǒ rènshi le wǒ xiànzài de nǚpénɡyou.
去年夏天, 我认识了我现在的女朋友。

I met my present girlfriend last summer.
Měinián xiàjì, zhège chítáng lǐ dōu kāi mǎn le héhuā.

Every summer, Lotus flowers are in full bloom in this pond.

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  1. In this Chinese lesson online, I notice the phrase “夏季 (xiàjì)” means “summer season,” so can I say “春季 (chūnjì) spring?”

  2. Here’s some additional related vocabulary for this Chinese lesson online:
    秋季 (qiūjì) autumn
    冬季 (dōnɡjì) winter

  3. The Tuesday evening class would be too late but the Saturday afrnteoon one would work.I’ve been doing these workshops on SKYPE and one or two remote students works well. Scott

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