Mini-Test Answer: 五百零八 (wǔbǎi líng bā)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)


The answer to the test is B.


The correct pronunciation of “508” is “五百零八 (wǔbǎi líng bā).” “零 (Líng),” literally means “zero.” It is used in counting wherever a column or a sequence of columns is skipped. Note that in this case, “零 (líng)” is never used as the last number in a sequence.


               Sānbǎi jiǎnqù yìbǎi jiǔshíwǔ děngyú duōshǎo?
Teacher: 三百    减去    一百 九十五     等于       多少?
What is three hundred minus one hundred and ninety five?

               Yìbǎi líng wǔ.
 Student: 一百   零 五。
One hundred and five.

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