Chinese Test: How much does this dress cost?

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


Lily was in a clothing store and she saw a beautiful dress and asked about the price.

                      Zhèjiàn yīfu bú cuò, lǎobǎn, duōshǎo qián?
               Lily: 这件    衣服不    错,老板,   多少        钱?
                      This dress is pretty, how much is it?

Shop owner: 508元。
                     It is five hundred and eight yuan.      

Do you know how to say “508” in Chinese?

A. 五百八 (wǔ bǎi bā)

B. 五百零八 (wǔ bǎi líng bā)

C. 五八百 (wǔ bā bǎi)

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