Mini-Test Answer: Tom has experience with buying a car.

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)

The right answer to the test is A


         Gēmenr, wǒ xiǎng mǎi chē, nǐ shì guòláirén, yǒu shénme hǎo de jiànyì ma?
Mike: 哥们儿, 我 想    买     车,你是    过来人,  有     什么     好   的 建议 吗?
         Hey ,buddy, I want to buy a car, and I know you have experience; do you have any good advice?

        Dāngrán yǒu a.
Tom: 当然       有啊。
        Of course I do.


In the above conversation, the phrase “过来人 (guòláirén)” refers to people who have gone through or are experienced in doing the thing you are learning about. In such sitiatuations, they are always good people to go to for advice.  “过” means to pass; “来” means to come and “人” literally means “person.”


Zuòwéi gāosān de guòláirén, wǒ jiànyì dàjiā fùxí yào yǒu zhēnduìxìng.
作为        高三   的   过来人,  我 建议 大家 复习 要  有    针对性。
Since I have successfully gone through the tough junior year in our high school, I’d suggest you all start by setting goals and remember to review your notes regularly.

Wǒ shì guòláirén, tīng wǒ de kěndìng méi cuò.
我   是    过来人, 听   我 的   肯定       没    错。
Certainly, you should listen to me since I’ve already gone through this.

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