Chinese Test: I want to buy a car.

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)


Mike’s going to buy a car; he wants advice from his friend Tom who bought a car last year.

        Gēmenr, wǒ xiǎng mǎi chē, nǐ shì guòláirén, yǒu shénme hǎo de jiànyì ma?
Mike: 哥们儿,我 想     买     车,你 是 过来人,   有     什么    好   的  建议 吗?

        Dāngrán yǒu a.
Tom: 当然       有啊。

What does Mike think about Tom?

A. Tom has experience with buying a car.

B. Tom can lend him money to buy a car.

C. Tom knows how to drive a car.

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