Mini-test Answer: To support

Beginning Level  初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer for this test is C.


Wǒ yào xiàng Lily biǎobái.
Dan: 我    要    向     Lily  表白。

I’m willing to express my love to Lily.

Qù ba, wǒ tǐng nǐ.
Frank: 去 吧,我   挺 你!

Ok, I support you.


The Chinese word “挺 (tǐng)” basically has three meanings.
When “挺 (tǐng)” is used as an adverb, it means “very/quite.” For example: 挺好 (tǐnghǎo) very good.

Zhège nǚhái tǐng cōngmíng de.
这个   女孩     挺        聪明    的。

This girl is very smart.

When “挺 (tǐng)” is used as a verb, it means “(to stand) upright.” For example: 挺立 (tǐnglì) to stand upright.

Shānpō shàng tǐnglìzhe yì kē dà shù.
山坡        上     挺立   着  一棵  大 树。

There is a big tree standing upright on the hill.

Over time, “挺 (tǐng)” in its verb form gained an extended meaning: “to support.” For example:

Wǒ tǐng nǐ, nǐ shì zuì bàng de.
我   挺  你,你是   最   棒    的。

I support you, you are the best!

In this dialogue, Dan wants to express his love to Lily, and Frank says “go ahead.” We can see that Frank supports Dan in expressing his love. So the right answer should be C.

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