Mini-Test Answer: to say personally

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to the test is B.

          Kiki yào jiéhūn le, nǐ zhīdao ma?
Mary: Kiki  要 结婚   了,你 知道 吗?
Did you know that Kiki is getting married?

          Zěnme kěnéng?!
Anna: 怎么     可能?!

          Zhēnde, tā qīnkǒu gàosu wǒ de.
Mary: 真的,   她  亲口    告诉    我 的。
Without a doubt, she told me herself


In Chinese, the words “口 (kǒu)” and “嘴 (zuǐ)” both mean mouth, but “亲口 (qīnkǒu)” translates into “to tell someone personally.” It emphasizes the certainty of the information since it comes directly from someone personally involved in the situation under discussion. However, by using the other word for mouth, the term “亲嘴(qīnzuǐ)” means “to kiss.”

        Nǐ zhīdao Lily zuì xǐhuan chī shénme ma?
Mike: 你知道    Lily 最   喜欢     吃     什么   吗?
Do you know what Lily’s favorite food is?

        Dāngrán shì jiǎozi le.
Lucy: 当然      是 饺子 了。
Dumplings, of course.

        Nǐ zěnme zhīdao?
Mike: 你怎么    知道?
How’d you know that?

        Wǒ tīng tā qīnkǒu shuō de.
Lucy: 我 听   她亲口     说     的。
She told me personally. 

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