Chinese Test: What does “亲口 (qīnkǒu)” mean?

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


Mary just found out that Kiki is planning on getting married, so she’s telling Anna the big news. (Everyone knows how much Kiki reveled in being single.)

          Kiki yào jiéhūn le, nǐ zhīdao ma?
Mary: Kiki  要   结婚   了,你知道   吗?

          Zěnme kěnéng?!
Anna: 怎么     可能?!

          Zhēnde, tā qīnkǒu gàosu wǒ de.
Mary: 真的,   她  亲口      告诉   我的。

What does “亲口 (qīnkǒu)” mean in this dialogue?

A. to kiss

B. to say personally

C. dear

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