Mini-Test Answer: To go out and have a great time

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The answer to the test is C.

         Yuánxiāojié wǒmen yìqǐ chūqu wán ba!
Anne: 元宵节         我们   一起 出去   玩    吧?

         We should go out and enjoy the Lantern Festival!

          Hǎo a.
  Lisa: 好 啊。

          Nice, sounds good to me!


The Chinese character “玩(wán)” literally means to play. For example, “玩游戏(wányóuxì)” means to play games. In daily conversation, it’s used to mean going out for fun. In the example conversation above, Anne asked Lisa to go hang out at the festival, since the Lantern Festival was coming and there would be a lot of interesting activities to take part in.


           Zhōumò qù Huàshān wánr zěnmeyàng?
  Mike: 周末      去   华山         玩儿   怎么样?

           How about we have some fun at Mount Hua this weekend?

           Tài hǎo le.
James: 太 好 了。

          Sounds great.

Cultural Note:

Mount Hua is one of China’s famous Five Sacred Mountains. It’s in Shaanxi Province and stands 2154.9 meters high. The attraction is also a national scenic resort.

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