Mini-Test Answer: 特意 (tèyì) especially.

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)

The answer to this test is A.


                Yuádàn kuàile! Zhèxiē dōushì wǒ tèyì wèi nǐ zhǔnbèi de.
Husband: 元旦       快乐! 这些     都是   我 特意为 你    准备   的。
                Happy New Year! I prepared this meal especially for you. I hope you like it!

                Lǎogōng, nǐ tài hǎo le.
       Wife: 老公,     你  太 好 了。
                Honey, you are so nice.


“特 ()” means especially. For example, “特好 (tèhǎo)” means especially wonderful. “意 ()” in this expression refers to intention. The word “特意” is an expression that means “a special purpose” or “specially.” When you say “特意 (tèyì),”  it means you pay great attention to somebody/something. The husband in the conversation made a big supper for his wife to celebrate New Year’s Day, which moved his wife.


Zhè běn shū shì wǒ tèyì wèi nǐ mǎi de.
这     本 书   是    我特意 为 你 买 的。
I bought the book especially for you.

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