Chinese Test: I Prepared a Big Meal for You on New Year’s Day.

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


It was New Year’s Day. The husband wanted to give his wife a surprise, so he prepared a big meal for her.

                Yuádàn kuàile! Zhèxiē dōushì wǒ tèyì wèi nǐ zhǔnbèi de.
Husband: 元旦        快乐! 这些      都是  我 特意为 你   准备    的。

                Lǎogōng, nǐ tài hǎo le.
        Wife: 老公,    你 太 好 了。

Question: What does “特意 (tèyì)” mean in this sentence?

A. especially

B. very

C. good

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