Mini-Test Answer: 太 (tài)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is B.

         Nǐ kàn Justin Bieter de yǎnchànghuì le ma?
Amy: 你看    Justin Bieber的 演唱会         了 吗?
         Did you see Justin Bieber’s concert?

         Dāngrán le, tā zhēn shì tài shuài le.
 Tina: 当然    了,他 真     是 太    帅   了。
         Of course. He’s so handsome.


In the above sentence “他真是太帅了,”  the word “太 (tài)” is an adverb of degree that means “so” or “extremely.” In Chinese, when you want to express a strong feeling or make an exclamation, you can use the structure “太 (tài)+ adj. + 了!”

Zhèlǐ de yīnghuā tài měi le.
这里 的   樱花     太 美 了。
The cherry blossoms here are so beautiful.

Nàge xiǎo nǚhái tài kě’ài le.
那个    小   女孩  太 可爱了。
That little girl is so lovely.

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