Mini-Test Answer: Selina likes both of the singers.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is A.


           Selina, Bruno Mars hé Justin Bieber nǐ xǐhuan shuí?
Jolina: Selina, Bruno Mars 和 Justin Bieber 你 喜欢    谁?
           Selina, who do you prefer, Bruno Mars or Justin Bieber?

           Tāmen wǒ dōu xǐhuan.
Selina: 他们    我   都    喜欢。
           I like them both.


From the above sentences, the word “都 (dōu)” is an adverb and means both or all. When you wish to use “都 (dōu)” to emphasize the object of the sentence, the object should be moved up to the beginning of the sentence. The sentence structure is: object + subject + 都 (dōu)+ verb. You can see the sentence structure here: “他们我都喜欢。(Tāmen wǒ dōu xǐhuan.).”

For example:

Rolls-Royce hé Bentley tā dōu xǐhuan.
Rolls-Royce  和Bentley 他 都    喜欢。
He likes both Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

If you don’t want to emphasize the object, you can just use the basic sentence structure: multiple subjects+ 都 (dōu)+ verb + object.

For example:

Selina hé Jolina dōu shì dàxuésheng.
Selina 和Jolina   都    是   大学生。
Both Selina and Jolina are college students.

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