Mini-test Answer: Same (Advanced)

Advanced Level 高级 (gāojí)  

Correct answer: D


A. “Whole-heartedly” is the meaning for “一心一意 (yìxīnyíyì).”

    “一 ()” means one; “心 (xīn)”  means heart and “意 ()” means thought.

B. “To kill two birds with one stone” is the meaning for “一箭双
雕 (yíjiànshuānɡdiāo).”

    “一 ()” means one; “箭 (jiàn)” means arrow; “双 (shuāng)” means two or
double; and “雕 (diāo)” refers to vulture.

C. “To come clean” is the meaning for “一五一十 (yīwǔyīshí).”

    “一 ()” means one; “五 ()” means five and “十 (shí)” refers to ten.

D. “Same” is the meaning for “一模一样 (yìmúyíyàng).”

    “一 ()” refers to one; “模   ()” means pattern and “样 (yàng)”refers
to appearance.

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