Mini-Test Answer: 牛

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer for this test is A.


         Zuótiān, wǒ zài jiēshàng jiàn dào Màikè le.
  Lily: 昨天,   我 在 街上        见    到    麦克 了。

I saw Mike on the street yesterday.

  Bié chuīniú le, Màikè zài Měiguó ne.
Anne: 别 吹牛    了,麦克    在  美国     呢。

Don’t brag. Mike is in America.


The phrase “吹牛 (chuīniú)” literally means to inflate a cow. However, because a cow has such a huge body, it is very difficult for ordinary people to inflate it on their own. Thus, anyone who claims that he can inflate a cow must be bragging or boasting. “吹 (Chuī)” means to blow and “牛 (niú)” means cow, and “吹牛 (chuīniú)” is used to describe people who are bragging and boasting. Nowadays, it is frequently used in people’s daily lives.


Bié  tīng tā de,  tā hěn ài chuīniú!
别    听   他 的, 他 很  爱   吹牛!

Don’t believe him, he loves to brag.

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