Chinese Test: She is not my Girlfriend!

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)


   Gēmen, bāng ge máng, bāng wǒ gěi wǒ nǚpéngyou sòng shù méiguihuā.
  Mike: 哥们,    帮    个    忙,   帮    我   给  我   女朋友        送   束     玫瑰花。

Wǒ yūn, nà shì nǐ nǚpéngyou, yòu bú shì wǒ nǚpéngyou.
Jason: 我 晕,那 是   你 女朋友,    又    不  是  我    女朋友。

What does “晕 (yūn)” in this sentence refer to?

A. Jason is confused.
B. Jason feels dizzy.
C: Jason is impatient and dissatisfied.

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