Mini-Test Answer: Newbie

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer to this test is C.


Tom, gàn de búcuò a!
Alice: Tom,  干 得 不错    啊!

Tom, well done!

Wǒ zhǐshì yì ge càiniǎo, háiyào duōduō xuéxí la.
 Tom: 我   只是    一个   菜鸟, 还要     多多     学习  啦。

I’m just a newbie; I need to learn more.


“菜鸟 (càiniǎo)” mean “newbie.” The character “菜 (cài)” normally means vegetable, and “鸟 (niǎo)” means bird.

“菜鸟 (càiniǎo)” originates from the Taiwanese dialect. “菜鸟 (càiniǎo)” describes a kind of bird which often falls to the ground when they start to learn to fly. Now people call someone “菜鸟 (càiniǎo)” if he/she is a novice in a certain field.

“菜鸟 (càiniǎo) newbie” can also be used to describe someone who is weak in a certain field such as science or sports.

For example:

Zài fángdìchǎn lǐngyù lǐ, tā hái shì ge càiniǎo.
在   房地产        领域里,他还   是 个 菜鸟。

In the real estate field, he is still a newbie.

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