Mini-Test Answer: 买 (mǎi)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Wǒ mǎile wǔ gè píngguǒ.
我    买了  5    个  苹果。
I bought 5 apples.


A. 买 (mǎi) means to buy.

B. 卖 (mài) means to sell.

“买 (mǎi)” and “卖 (mài)” are antonyms. They are a bit tricky to master, as they share the same pinyin spelling and pronunciation, but have different tones. “Buy” has a third tone and “sell” has a fourth tone. Practice is the key to mastery of Chinese!


Wǒ mǎile yì běn shū.
我    买了 一  本    书。
I bought a book.

Tā bǎ zhàoxiàngjī mài gěi le wǒ.
他  把   照相机     卖    给 了我。
He sold me his camera.

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