KTV-Popular Entertainment in China (Beginner)

Key Learning Points (Preview):

K歌 (K gē): v. to sing karaoke

麦霸 (màibà): n. karaoke master

If you’ve been to China before, or just know a lot about modern Chinese culture, then you have probably heard of “K歌 (K gē)” or Karaoke TV, the most popular form of entertainment in China. Maybe you’ve even gone yourself!
KTV is short for Karaoke TV. In China, friends or colleagues often go to KTV to bond and have fun. And many types of parties will take place at KTV, such as birthday parties, New Year parties and so on.
There’s an expected etiquette at KTV. In general, people will applaud and praise the singer even if he/she is not very skilled. Of course, good singers are recognized and are aptly labeled as “麦霸 (màibà) karaoke master.” However, if the “麦霸” sings too often, then this will be seen as offensive, as the “麦霸” should make efforts to ensure everyone gets to enjoy singing. On the other hand, a person who refuses to sing will also create displeasure. One is expected to lose their inhibitions and just have fun, even if it’s the first time at KTV.
Key Learning Points:
K歌 (K gē): v. to sing karaoke

It is composed of the letter K and the Chinese character “歌 (gē) song,” and means to sing karaoke. It is now a popular phrase among young people.


Lǐ Míng: Hāi, Màikè, zhōumò yǒu kòng ma? Yì qǐ qù K gē ba?
李明:   嗨,麦克, 周末    有      空   吗? 一 起去 K歌 吧?

Li Ming: Hi, Mike, are you free this weekend? Let’s go to karaoke.

Màikè: Hǎo a, méi wèntí.
麦克:好啊, 没 问题。

Mike: Great. No problem.

麦霸 (màibà): n. karaoke master

It is a composite word. “麦 (mài)” is the short form of “麦克风 (màikèfēng) microphone.” “霸 (bà)” means to forcibly occupy.


Wáng Hóng: Nǐ rènshi Zhào Lì ma?
王        红: 你 认识    赵   丽   吗?

Wang Hong: Do you know Zhao Li.

Lìshā: Dāngrán le, tā kěshì wǒmen xuéxiào de màibà a.
莉莎:当然     了,她 可是 我们      学校     的 麦霸 啊。

Lisa: Of course, she is the karaoke master of our school.

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