Mini-Test Answer: 嫁 (jià)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The answer to the test is A.

           Susan, nǐ yuànyì jià gěi wǒ ma?
  Mike: Susan, 你 愿意   嫁 给 我 吗?

           Susan, will you marry me?

           Èn, wǒ yuànyì.
Susan: 嗯,我 愿意。

            Yes, I will.


In Chinese, the words used to describe marriage are different for men and women. The character “嫁 (jià)” is used to describe women who are about to marry. For example, “出嫁 (chūjià) to marry” and “嫁人 (jiàrén) to marry.” The character “娶 ()” is used to describe men who are about to marry, such as in “娶媳妇 (qǔ xífù) to take a wife.” As for the phrase “结婚 (jiéhūn),” it can be used for both men and women, such as in “他/她已经结婚了。(Tā/Tā yǐjīng jiéhūn le.) He/She has gotten married.”


        Zhème rè’nao! Shuí jiā qǔ xífù ne?
Tom: 这么     热闹! 谁   家 娶媳妇呢?

         How exciting this is! Who is getting married?

        Shì Lǎolǐ jiā de gūniang yào chūjià le.
May: 是  老李 家 的 姑娘      要     出嫁 了。

        It is Laoli’s daughter that is getting married.

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2 thoughts on “Mini-Test Answer: 嫁 (jià)”

  1. kobkiert chukiert

    The phrase ‘bie keqi’ = don’t stand on ceremony – is used to respond
    to some kinds of questions. What does it really mean????

    Thanks, kobkiert chukiert

  2. Jennifer Zhu

    In Chinese, the phrase 不客气(bú kè qi) has three different meanings generally.
    1. One meaning is: “You are very welcome.” When responding to thanks from others.
    For example:
    Zhè cì tài xièxie nǐ le.
    A. 这次太谢谢你了。
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Bú kè qi.
    B. 不客气。
    You are very welcome.

    2. The second meaning is: “don’t stand on ceremony.”
    For example:
    Bù yào kèqi, suíbiàn chī.
    Don’t stand on ceremony. Help yourself to eat something.

    3. The third meaning is: “to be unkind.”
    For example:
    “Wǒ xiànzài shuí yě bù xiǎng jiàn,” tā bú kèqi de shuō.
    “I don’t want to see anyone now,” she said rudely.

    Hope they can help.

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