Mini-test Answer: 福气 (Advanced)

Advanced Level 高级 (gāojí)

Correct Answer: B
A. “Happiness” is the word for “幸福 (xìngfú).”

“幸 (xìng)” means lucky and “福 ()” means blessing.

B. “Good fortune” is the phrase for “福气 (fúqi).”

     “福 ()” means blessing and “气 ()” refers to fortune.

C. “Blessing” is the word for “祝福 (zhù fú).”

     “祝 (zhù)” means wishing and “福 ()” means blessing.

D. “Rich” is the word for “富裕 (fùyù).”

“富 ()” means rich and “裕 ()” means abundant.

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