Mini-test Answer: Course (Intermediate)

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng jí)

Correct Answer: C


A. “单词 (dāncí)” is the word for vocabulary.

The character “单 (dān)” means single and “词 ()” refers to word.

B. “班级 (bānjí)” is the word for class.

      The character “班 (bān)” means class and “级 ()” refers to rank or grade.

C. “课程 (kèchéng)” is the word for course.

The character “课 ()” means lesson and “程 (chéng)” refers to process
and plan.

D. “语法 (yǔfǎ)” is the word for grammar.

      The character “语 ()” means language and “法 ()” means law.

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