Mini-Test Answer: 多 (duō)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is A.


Chángchéng duō cháng a?
Jack: 长城              多     长   啊?
How long is the Great Wall?

Bāqiān duō gōnglǐ.
Eric: 八千    多    公里。
More than 8000 kilometers.


In the above sentence, the simple structure “多 (duō)” plus the adjective “长 (cháng)” is used to ask how long the Great Wall is. In Chinese, “多 (duō)+adj.” is used to ask about someone or something’s nature, the same as the English forms “how long,” “how big,” “how old,” etc. The basic sentence structure is “S+多 (duō)+adj.” The answer to “多 (duō)+adj.” questions should be a specific number or something measurable.

For examples:

Nǐ duō dà?
Cathy: 你 多   大?
How old are you?
Wǒ èrshí suì.
Jenny: 我   二十  岁。
I’m twenty years old.

Tā duō gāo?
Tina: 他 多    高?
How tall is he?
Yì mǐ jiǔ.
Mary: 一米九。
He is 1. 9 meters.

Culture Note:

The Great Wall is regarded as a symbol of China. At present, the Great Wall mainly refers to the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty and is in total 8851.8 kilometers. It expands from Jiayu Pass to Yalu River. And Badaling is a well-known and very steep part of the Great Wall which attracts many travelers from abroad.

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