Mini-Test Answer: bāozi

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for this Chinese test is A.


A. “bāozi” is the Chinese pinyin for “包子 steamed stuffed bun.”
B. “bàozhǐ” is the Chinese pinyin for “报纸 newspaper.”
C. “bàozhe” is the Chinese pinyin for “抱着 to hold.”

Distinguish two similar Chinese pinyin initials: “z” and “zh.”

“z” – Pronounced as the “z” in “zero.”

For examples:

汉字 (hànzì) Chinese character
自己 (zìjǐ) self

“zh” – Start with the ‘j’ in “jeep,” but then end smoothly with the “r” sound. The first two sounds in the sample audio demonstrate the move.

For examples:

直线 (zhíxiàn) straight line
知了 (zhīliǎo) cicada

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