Mini-Test Answer: A.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for this test is A.


           Tīngshuō Tom Cruise líhūn le.
Jenny: 听说        Tom Cruise 离婚了。

I heard that Tom Cruise is divorced.

           Zhēn de jiǎ de?
Anna: 真     的 假 的?



In the above conversation, when Jenny tells the news about the divorce of Tom Cruise, Anna responds by “真的假的 (zhēn de jiǎ de).” “真的 (zhēn de)” means true, “假的 (jiǎ de)” means false. The two words put together are always used to express doubt about something. It is similar to the phrase, “真的吗?(zhēn de ma?).” But “真的假的 (zhēn de jiǎ de)” shows more doubt than “真的吗?(zhēn de ma?).”


              Gàosu nǐ ge hǎo xiāoxi, wǒ shēngzhí le.
Henry: 告诉    你 个 好    消息,我 升职       了。

Tell you a piece of good news. I have been promoted.

              Zhēn de jiǎ de?!
Michael: 真     的 假的?!


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