Daily Quiz Answer: B. Chopsticks

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this quiz is B.


Traditionally in China, people are used to eating with chopsticks. Chinese are very particular about using “筷子 (kuàizi) chopsticks” when having their meals. Starting in the Shang Dynasty, Chinese people began to use chopsticks made of “象牙 (xiàngyá) ivory.” Overtime, the materials used to make chopsticks have varied from things such as “金 (jīn) gold,” and “银 (yín) silver” to ivory. Typically, chopsticks made of such materials were used to symbolize wealth. Chopsticks made for common use can and have been made from bones, “竹子 (zhúzi) bamboo” and plastic. At present, bamboo chopsticks are most common, because they are natural and “健康 (jiànkāng) healthy.” So you should give it a try with the bamboo chopsticks.
In Fact, Chinese people will, when having soup, put the chopsticks aside and use “勺子 (sháozi) spoons” or hold the “碗 (wǎn) bowl” to drink directly. You may find this surprising – is it so “简单 (jiǎndān) easy?” It is that simple. Although Chinese people customarily use chopsticks, they will choose other dinnerware when it is impractical to use chopsticks, such as a knife, fork and spoon. 
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