Chinese Mini-test: 没门儿 (Advanced)

Advanced Level 高级 (gāojí)

A: Nǐ juéde wǒ búqù shàng Zhōngwénkè néng tōngguò kǎoshì ma?
你 觉得   我 不去    上         中文课        能      通过      考试    吗?
Do you think I can pass the exam without taking Chinese courses?
B: Xiāngxìn wǒ, gēmenr, _________.
相信       我,哥们儿,没门儿。
Believe me, buddy, no way.
Do you know the Chinese pinyin for “没门儿 no way”?

A. Méikòng

B. Méiyòng

C. Méiyǒu

D. Méiménr

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