Check out These Mouthwatering Chinese Foods for Winter!

Chinese culture is profound with a long history, and this includes Chinese food culture. In China, there are various kinds of cuisines. Have you ever tasted any of them? Today, let’s learn something about these mouthwatering Chinese foods!

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Language Points

Málà Tàng
麻辣 烫
The Chinese spicy hot pot
Wǒ xǐhuān zài dōngtiān chī málà tàng, huì shǐ rén gǎn dào hěn nuǎnhuo.
我 喜欢 在 冬天 吃 麻辣烫,会 使 人 感 到 很 暖和。
I like to eat Mala tang in the winter. It makes me feel very warm.
Crispy candied fruit
Tánghúlú hěn tián.
糖葫芦 很 甜。
Tanghulu or crispy candied fruit is very sweet.
The Chinese glutinous rice balls
Yuánxiāojié wǒ chī le tāngyuán.
元宵节 我 吃 了 汤圆。
I ate glutinous rice balls for the Lantern Festival.
Eight-treasure porridge
Làbājié yào chī bābǎozhōu.
腊八节 要 吃 八宝粥。
People eat eight-treasure porridge at the Laba Festival.

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