3 Must-Eat Food for Chinese People in Hot Summer Days (I)

Besides barbecue, you can also see a lot of appealing food or snacks in the streets of China in hot summer days. Do you know what else Chinese people like to eat in summer? Starting from this article, we’re going to introduce to you three snacks that Chinese people love to enjoy in this season. Let’s dive in!
The first Chinese food you must try in summer is “liáng pí” (凉皮), the steamed cold noodles.

Liang pi

Hot summer days may make people lose their appetite. But “liáng pí” (凉皮), or steamed cold noodles that are spicy, sour and refreshing would definitely work up your appetite.
The dish originates in the northwestern province of Shaanxi, the capital of which is the city of Xi’an. It is popular in northern China and has a long history. It is said that it originated in the period of Qinshihuang, the first Chinese emperor, which has a history of more than 2,000 years.

Liang pi

“Liáng pí” (凉皮) are wide, flat noodles, usually made from wheat flour (rice flour can also be used) and served cold in a spicy dressing with cucumbers, cilantro, and bean sprouts. If you don’t feel liking eating anything in the scorching summer, a bowl of “liáng pí” (凉皮) will change your mind for sure.

Liang pi

Tiān qì tài rè, wǒ zhī xiǎng chī liáng pí.
It’s too hot. All I want to eat are steamed cold noodles.

Chī liáng pí yī dìng yào chī ròu jiā mó.
If you eat steamed cold noodles, you must eat roujiamo (marinated meat in baked buns), too.

“Liáng pí” (凉皮) is a general term for “gǎn miàn pí” (擀面皮), “miàn pí” (面皮) and “mǐ pí” (米皮), they have different names based on different ingredients. Different regions may use diversified methods to make “liáng pí” (凉皮), with various flavors such as spicy, sour and sweet, pungent and so on.

Liang pi

One of the most famous kinds is called “má jiàng liáng pí” (麻酱凉皮). This dish is named after one of the main ingredients: sesame paste, or “má jiàng” (麻酱). The sauce contains salt, vinegar, black sesame paste, and hot chili oil.


Lǎo bǎn: “Jīn tiān xiǎng chī diǎnr shí me?”
Restaurant owner: What would you like to order today?

Gù kè: “Wǒ yào yī fèn má jiàng liáng pí, duō fàng yī xiē là jiāo, xiè xiè.”
Customer: “I would like a bowl of steamed cold noodles with sesame paste. More hot chili, please.”

Má jiàng liáng pí shì wǒ zuì ài de shí wù zhī yī.
Steamed cold noodles with sesame paste are one of my favorite foods.

After the introduction to the tasty liáng pí (凉皮), we believe you are drooling all over now! Do you want to try liáng pí (凉皮)? We’ll continue to introduce more great Chinese food to enjoy in hot summer days in later articles, so stay tuned! What other food you want to learn about? You’re welcome to share with us in the section below!

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