The Chinese Delicacies You Shouldn’t Miss in Winter!

Barbecue, fried chicken, hot coffee…. these warm and delicious food can always bring the feeling of happiness in winter.
Do you know what people eat to keep warm in winter in China?


Malatang originated from Southwest China’s Sichuan province and has since become popular throughout Asia. You can choose the flavor of soup base based on your preference, whether it’s tomato, bone broth, or spicy. Imagine this: fresh vegetables, various forms of soy products, delicious meat and seafood with a rich soup base— Malatang is undoubtedly a necessary food in winter to ward off cold and clear dampness.


Má là tàng shì zhōng guó de měi shí.
Malatang is a Chinese delicacy.

Wǒ xǐ huan zài dōng tiān chī má là tàng.
I like to eat malatang in winter.

Shuanyangrou (Mutton hotpot)

Have you ever eaten Shuanyangrou before? Unlike traditional Hotpot, the soup base of Shuanyangrou is clear water, and it will be boiled in a copper pot. All you need to do next is put lamb into the pot. This kind of hot pot is easy to prepare, and the freshness of the ingredients can be preserved. Mutton and lamb are naturally warm, so eating them frequently can help the human body retain heat and resist cold. People who cannot handle spicy food are recommended to try Shuanyangrou.


Shuàn yáng ròu hěn hǎo chī.
Shuanyangrou is delicious.

Jīn tiān chī shuàn yáng ròu huā le 200 yuán.
It costs 200 yuan to eat shuanyangrou today.

Self-heating rice
Self-heating rice

Feeling cold and don’t want to go out? Why not try self-heating rice, a convenient instant food product that has recently become very popular in China? Just pour in water, leave it for fifteen minutes, and you can enjoy the steaming rice. Self-heating rice is very convenient, and when eating it, the portion size for one person also makes you avoid social contact with others.


Zì rè mǐ fàn hěn fāng biàn.
Self-heating rice is very convenient.

Zì rè mǐ fàn lǐ yǒu shū cài hé ròu.
Vegetables and meat are contained in the self-heating rice.

What food for winter seasons do you like?
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