Visit China After it Dropped Quarantine Requirements for International Arrivals!

Do you know that China dropped its quarantine requirements for international arrivals starting January 8th? How long has it been since you’ve been to the beautiful country?
Next time when you visit the country, it’s suggested that you choose these following emerging cities rather than Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou! 

Chongqing, known as the Mountain City

It’s hard to see such a magical 8-dimensional city on the Chinese mainland, where every view is cyberpunk. In Chongqing, you probably won’t need Google Maps because you can only trust your own eyes. Even the GPS can get lost in this Mountain City. You may be standing on someone else’s roof when you look down from the “first floor”. 

Changsha, known as the Star City

Renowned for its entertainment, the city of Changsha has always been a must-visit place for those who are into great food and amusement. Changsha not only has a vibrant night market of bars, but it also has temples with a long history and rich culture. There are also novel flavors of Chinese food, such as crayfish and stinky tofu, and a variety of colors mixed together to create the unique charm of Changsha.


Mí lù
迷路 v. get lost; lose one’s way

Xiǎo Míng: nǐ hǎo! wǒ mí lù le! zhǎo bù dào dì fāng zài nǎ lǐ
小明: 你好!我迷路了!找不到地方在哪里!
Xiao Ming: Hi! I get lost! I don’t know where are you.

Dī dī shī fu: gēn wǒ shuō shuō nǐ shēn biān de biāo zhì jiàn zhù, wǒ lái jiē nǐ!
Ride-hailing driver: Can you describe the landmark buildings near you? Then I can pick you up.

Mèi lì
魅力 n. charm; charisma

Xiǎo Zhōng: nǐ jué de Xiǎo Míng zhè ge rén zěn me yàng?
Xiao Zhong: What do you think of Xiao Ming?

Xiǎo Hóng: Xiǎo Míng shì gè hěn yǒu mèi lì de rén.
Xiao Hong: Xiao Ming is an attractive person./Xiao Ming is a person with great personal charisma.

What experiences do you have to share about China? Which Chinese city has left you with a great impression?

You’re welcome to answer the questions above by leaving a comment below.

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