China’s Year of Rabbit Is Approaching! Let’s Learn a Cute Chinese Song About Rabbits Together!

Can your children sing the Chinese song of “Xīnnián Hǎo” we taught last week? The year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in China. In this country, there is a Chinese song related to rabbits that all children can sing, do you know what it is? It is well known that songs can be a very effective tool for children to learn any language including Chinese. Learning to sing Chinese songs will encourage your children to speak Chinese while improving their fluency and pronunciation, and the language points in the songs will be easier to memorize. Now play the video, and learn this Chinese song “Xiǎo Tùzi Guāi Guāi” with me!

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Xiǎo tùzi guāi guāi,
小 兔子 乖 乖,
Oh, good little rabbit,

Bǎ mén kāi kāi.
把 门 开 开。
Open up the door.

Kuài diǎn ér kāi kāi,
快 点 儿 开 开,
Open it quickly,

Wǒ yào jìnlái.
我 要 进来。
I want to come in.

Bù kāi bù kāi wǒ bù kāi,
不 开 不 开 我 不 开,
No, no, I will not open it,

Māmā méi huílái,
妈妈 没 回来,
My mama has not returned,

Shuí lái yě bù kāi.
谁 来 也 不 开。
No matter who it is, I will not open the door.

Jiù kāi jiù kāi wǒ jiù kāi,
就 开 就 开 我 就 开,
Okay, okay, I will open it right away,

Māmā huílái le,
妈妈 回来 了,
Mama has returned,

Kuài diǎn bǎ mén kāi.
快 点 把 门 开。
I will open the door right away.

Can your children sing the catchy song for the Year of Rabbit now? If you like our way to learn Chinese, then please leave a comment and let us know. We will introduce more interesting Chinese songs for kids in the future! Stay tuned!

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