Answer to How to Use Chinese Interrogatives – Take This HSK Quiz

(1) C
(2) A
(3) D
(4) B


A. 为什么 (Wèishénme): Why? Or asking for reasons.

B. 怎么办 (Zěnmebàn): What should be done?

C. 怎么样 (Zěnmeyàng): How is it?

D. 干什么 (Gànshénme): Doing or to do sth.

     Wǒmen míngtiān qù páshān zěnmeyàng?
(1) 我们明天去爬山怎么样?
     How about going hiking up the mountain tomorrow?

     Tā wèishénme zǒngshì bù kāixīn?
(2) 她为什么总是不开心?
     Why is she always unhappy?

     Kòngxián shí nǐ xǐhuān gànshénme?
(3) 空闲时你喜欢干什么?
     What do you like to do in your spare time?

     Zěnmebàn? Zhège wèntí tài nán jiějué le.
(4) 怎么办?这个问题太难解决了。
     What should I do? This problem is hard to solve.

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