The Ultimate Chinese Question Everyone Asks, Answered at Last

HSK 3 quiz
1. Please choose the best option to fill in the blanks.

A. 呢 (Ne)

B. 吧 (Ba)

C. 吗 (Ma)

   Zhè dào shùxué tí nǐ huì zuò ______ ?
I. 这道数学题你会做 ______ ?

    Zhè dào shùxué tí zěnme zuò ______ ?
II. 这道数学题怎么做 ______ ?

     Zhè dào shùxué tí nǐ zuò bú xiàqù le ______ !
III. 这道数学题你做不下去了 ______ !

Ask Question in Chinese Using “吗 (Ma)” And “呢 (Ne)”

HSK Test
General Chinese (Beginner Level) 
General Chinese (Intermediate Level) 

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