Use “What” “Who” And “Where” to Ask Questions in Chinese

(On the phone)
Zhāng Lì: Wéi, Jack, nǐ zài ___? Nǐ hé ___ zài yìqǐ?
张      丽:喂,Jack,你在_1_?你 和  _2_ 在一起?
Zhāng Lì: Hello, Jack. Where are you? Who are you with?
Jack: Duìbuqǐ, nǐ shuō ___?
Jack:对不起,你 说   _3_?
Jack: I’m sorry. What did you say?
Fill in the blanks with the proper interrogative pronouns.
A. 什么(shénme)
B. 谁(shéi)
C. 哪(nǎ)

General Chinese (Beginner Level)
General Chinese (Intermediate Level)

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