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爷爷为我打月饼 (yéye wèi wŏ dă yuèbĭng) Grandpa Makes Moon Cake for Me

Apr. 2, 2015

爷爷为我打月饼(yéye wèi wǒ dǎ yuèbĭng) Grandpa Makes Moon Cake for Me

Bā yuè shí wŭ yuè ér míng ya,
八  月   十  五 月   儿  明   呀,
The moon is bright during Mid-Autumn Festival,

Yéye wèi wǒ dǎ yuèbĭng ya.
爷爷  为  我   打   月饼   呀。
Grandpa makes moon cake for me.

Yuèbĭng yuányuán tián yòu xiāng ā,
月饼        圆圆        甜    又    香   啊,
The moon cake is round and delicious,

Yí kuài yuèbĭng yí piàn qíng ā.
一   块   月饼   一   片   情   啊。
Every piece of moon cake shows Grandpa’s love for me.

Yéye shì gè lǎo hóngjūn na,
爷爷  是 个  老   红军   哪,
Grandpa is an old Red Army soldier,

Yéye dài wǒ qīn yòu qīn na.
爷爷  待  我   亲  又   亲   哪。
He is nice to me.

Wǒ wèi yéye chàng gē yáo ā,
我   为  爷爷   唱     歌  谣 啊,
I sing songs to him

Xiàn gěi yéye yí piàn xīn na.
献    给  爷爷 一  片  心  哪。
To show my heart for him.

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