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小白兔乖乖 Little Rabbit (Beginner)

Oct. 29, 2015

(Learn Chinese through listening to popular kids’ songs.)

Xiăobáitù guāiguai, bă mén kāi kāi, kuàidiăn kāi kāi, wǒ yào jìnlái.

小白兔      乖乖,    把  门    开   开,快点      开  开,我 要   进来。

Little rabbit, hurry up and open the door, I want to come in.

Bù kāi bù kāi bùnéng kāi, māma méi huílái, bùnéng bă mén kāi.

不  开 不  开  不能      开,妈妈   没    回来,不能     把  门    开。

No, my mum is not back yet, so I can’t open it.

Xiăobáitù guāiguai, bă mén kāi kāi, māma huílái, wǒ yào jìnlái.

小白兔      乖乖,    把  门    开  开,妈妈   回来,我 要   进来。

Please open the door, my little rabbit. Mum will be back and I want to come in.

Kuài kāi kuài kāi kuàikuài kāi, māma huílái le, wǒ lái bă mén kāi.

快     开  快    开  快快      开,妈妈   回来 了,我 来 把 门    开。

Hurry up and open the door, mum is back and I will open it.

Key Learning Points:Key Learning Points (Preview):

小 (xiǎo): adj. little

The character “小 (xiǎo)” means little.


Wǒ yǒu yìzhī xiǎogǒu.

我  有    一只  小狗。

I have a little dog.

门 (mén): n. door

The character “门 (mén)” means door.


Qǐng bǎ mén dǎkāi.

请     把  门    打开。

Open the door, please.

Kids’ Chinese songs:

上学歌 On the Way to School

小乌龟  (Xiǎo wūguī: The little turtle

小燕子(Xiǎo yànzi): The Little Swallow

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