China will be participating in the World Cup final on Dec 18?

After 25 days of fierce competition, Argentina and France are the two finalists who will be competing for the World Cup title in the final match on December 18th.

The Lusail Stadium

China will also “appear” in the World Cup final…off the court, as the Lusail Stadium, venue of the final match, was constructed by a Chinese company. Inspired by date bowls and enamel lanterns, the stadium looks like a huge golden bowl as seen from above. It can seat approximately 80,000 spectators. The stadium is so iconic that it has even been printed on the ten-rial denomination note by the Qatari government.

Landmark buildings erected by China

In fact, many other landmark buildings around the world were also constructed by China. Among them are The Federation Tower (Russia), The Exchange 106 (Malaysia),Rama VIII Bridge (Thailand) and the new headquarters building of the Central Bank of Kuwait.


nǐ rèn wéi nǎ ge guó huì yíng dé běn cì shì jiè bēi de guàn jūn ?
Which country do you think will win the championship of World Cup 2022?

fǎ guó
A. 法 国 France

ā gēn tíng
B. 阿 根 廷 Argentina

Which team do you support in World Cup 2022?
Who is your favorite soccer player?
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