It’s up to you! (Beginner) 你决定!(初级)

Learn Mandarin Chinese words-你决定!(Nǐ juédìng!) It’s up to you! (Beginner)


    Wǒmen dào nǎlǐ chīfàn ne?
A: 我们      到   哪里 吃饭  呢?
Where shall we have dinner?

    Nǐ juédìng ba!
B: 你 决定     吧!
It’s up to you!

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    Thank you for your question! As for the two phrases, we don’t use “决定你” but “你决定” in our daily life, and “你决定” can be changed with “随便你” in some degree. But the phrase “随便你” is often used in an indifferent manner, so we often use it negatively, while “你决定” is positive. Contact with us anytime you have trouble learning Chinese. And also you can browse our site at

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