Take it easy! (Beginner) 别紧张!(初级)

Learn Chinese Words-别紧张!(Bié jǐnzhāng!) Take it easy! (Beginner)


Dì yī cì gěi zhème duō rén zuò yǎnjiǎng, wǒ hǎo jǐnzhāng a.
A: 第一次 给 这么     多   人  做    演讲,     我  好  紧张   啊。
This is the first time I have had to give a speech to so many people. I’m awfully nervous.     

Bié jǐnzhāng! Xiāngxìn zìjǐ!
B: 别  紧张!      相信     自己!
Take it easy and believe in yourself!

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