No Way! (Beginner) 不行!(初级)

Chinese Words: 不行!(Bù xíng) No Way!


     Nǐ néng jiè wǒ wǔ bǎi yuán qián mā?
A:  你   能   借 我 五 百    元    钱    吗?
     Could you please lend me five hundred Yuan?

    Bù xíng! Nǐ qùnián qiàn wǒ de qián hái méi huán ne.
B: 不 行!  你 去年    欠   我 的   钱    还   没 还     呢。
     No way! You haven’t paid back the money you owed me last year.

Learn another way of expressing “no way” in Chinese
“没门儿 (Méi ménr)” – No Way!
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