Mini-test Answers: The Man Does Not Know that Beautiful Lady.

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)

 The correct answer for this Chinese language test is B.

Here is the English version of the test:

A: Do you know that beautiful lady in front of us?

B: Absolutely not.

“才怪 (cái guài)” means impossible or absolutely not. In this Mandarin Chinese test, “才怪 (cái guài)” aims to deny the verb “认识 (rènshi),” so person B means that he does not know the attractive woman in front of him.

Here’s another example:

    Nǐ huì shuō hànyǔ ma?
A: 你  会    说     汉语   吗?
    Can you speak Chinese?

     Bú huì shuō cái guài.
B: 不  会     说    才    怪。

In this example, you can see how person B uses “不 ( )” to form a double negative which indicates that B can speak Chinese. The negative “不 ( )” is generally positioned before the verb, such as “不去才怪 ( bú qù cái guài). I will definitely come. ”

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  1. Its Chinese pinyin is “qíguài.” It is an adjective, which you can use as follows:
    奇怪的事情(qíguài de shìqíng) strange events; 她很奇怪 (tā hěn qíguài) She is strange.

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