Chinese Mini-Test: Does He Know that Beautiful Lady? (Intermediate)

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)

Nǐ rènshi qiánmian nà gè měi nǚ ma?
A: 你  认识     前面      那 个  美  女  吗?
Rènshi cái guài ne.
B: 认识     才    怪   呢。

Has the man met that beautiful lady?

A. Yes

B.  No

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  1. your site is very very interesting, I am trying to find time to follow it and do lessons with you. Seems my time is taken with my work….I keep trying neertheless. xie xie

  2. 美女 means “beautiful lady,” but how do you say “a handsome boy,” in Mandarin Chinese?

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