Mini-test Answers: 怎么卖?

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer for this Chinese test is A.
     Xiāngjiāo zěnme mài?
A:香蕉         怎么     卖?
How much for the bananas?

Sān kuài qián yìjīn.
B:三   块     钱    一斤。
Six yuan a kilogram.


A: “卖 (mài)” is a frequently used word in Chinese vocabulary, and it means “to sell.” “怎么 (zěnme)” means “how,” and “香蕉怎么卖 (Xiāngjiāo zěnme mài)” means “how much are the bananas?”

B: “好吃 (hǎochī)” means “delicious.” “吗 (ma)” is a question word which is used at the end of sentences to form an interrogative sentence.”香蕉好吃吗 (xiāngjiāo hǎochī ma)” means “Is the banana delicious?”

C: “香蕉卖不卖 (Xiāngjiāo mài bú mài) Are the bananas for sale?”

D: In the Chinese vocabulary, “哪儿 (nǎr)” is the word for “where” and “买 (mǎi)” means “to buy.”

Actually, “香蕉哪儿买 (xiāngjiāo nǎr mǎi)” is grammatically wrong in Chinese. It should be “在哪儿买香蕉? (Zài nǎr mǎi xiāngjiāo?) Where can I buy bananas?”

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  1. Tom McCarthy

    Thank you so much for these lessons! They are SO helpful! If I can ever send you anything from the States or help in any way, please let me know. I would LOVE to visit China someday and use what I have learned.

  2. In this lesson, we’ve learned several interrogative pronouns. And I still want to enlarge my Chinese vocabulary. For instance, how to say “when” and “what” in Chinese.

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