Mini-Test Answer: 再 (zài)

Elementary Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to the test is B.


        Jiǎozi zhēn hǎo chī, wǒ xiǎng zài chī yì wǎn.
Amy: 饺子   真     好     吃,我 想   再 吃  一 碗。

        The dumplings are delicious. I want another bowl.

        Méi wèntí.
 Lily: 没   问题。

        No problem.


This test is to check your knowledge about the usage of Chinese adverb “又 (yòu)” and “再 (zài).” The adverb “又 (yòu)” is used when the action repeats itself, for example, 今天又下雨了。(Jīntiān yòu xiàyǔ le.) It’s raining again today. It tells us that as well as currently raining, beforehand it’s already rained today. “再 (zài)” is an adverb, too. It always means the second time or another time. In the above conversation, Amy may have eaten one or two bowls of dumplings; she wants to eat another one. Here, when Amy says she wants another one, the action of having another bowl hasn’t happened yet. For example, 今天太热了,我们明天再去吧!(Jīntiān tài rè le, wǒmen míngtiān zài qù ba.) It’s too hot today; let’s go tomorrow!

As for the final option, C, “还 (hái)” means “still” or “also.”


Hǎo rè a, wǒ xiǎng zài chī yíge bīngjīlíng.
好    热啊,我 想    再 吃 一个 冰激凌。

It is so hot! I want another ice cream.

Gēge yòu rě māma shēngqì le.
哥哥   又   惹 妈妈     生气    了。

My older brother upset my mom again.

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