Mini-Test Answer: will

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer to the test is C.


       Jīntiān bú huì xiàyǔ ba.
Lisa: 今天   不 会   下雨 吧。
       It won’t rain today, will it?

        Bù zhīdào ,wǒmen dàishang sǎn ba.
 Jen: 不   知道, 我们      带上         伞 吧。
        I’ve no idea, let’s take an umbrella.


The word “会 (huì)” has different usages in different contexts.
First, it can mean “can” or “to be able to.”
For example, “我会做很多好吃的菜!(Wǒ huì zuò hěnduō hǎochī de cài.) I am able to cook many delicious dishes!”

In our example above however, it means “will,” which expresses that something will happen in the future.
For example, “我将会乘今晚8点的飞机离开。(Wǒ jiāng huì chéng jīnwǎn 8 diǎn de fēijī líkāi.) I’ll be leaving on an 8pm flight tonight.”

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