Mini-Test Answer: To pretend to be

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for this online Mandarin test is B.

           Tīngshuō nǐ liàn’ài le?
 Anne: 听说        你 恋爱 了?

I heard that you are in a relationship.

            Méiyǒu a, shuí shuō de?
Jenny: 没有    啊,谁    说    的?

No, who told you that?

            Nǐ jiù zhuāng ba.
Anne: 你就   装        吧。

You are pretending.

The word “装 (zhuāng)” is typically used as a noun that means clothing. It combines with the Chinese character, “服 ()” to form the word “服装 (fúzhuāng) dress up/costume.” For example,

Láolúnsī shì yí wèi guójì zhīmíng de fúzhuāng shèjìshī.
劳伦斯    是 一位   国际  知名      的   服装        设计师。

Laurence is a world famous dress designer.

In this test, “装 (zhuāng)” becomes a verb meaning “to pretend to be” that is often used in daily life. If a person uses this word to describe another person, he/she wants to indicate that the other person’s behavior is hiding the truth. For example, Lucy finds that Lily is dating a handsome boy, but Lily tries to hide the truth. So Lucy says:

Bié zhuāng le, kuài gàosu wǒ nǐmen fāzhǎn de zěnmeyàng le.
别     装      了,快    告诉   我   你们    发展   得    怎么样     了。

Stop pretending; tell me about the relationship between the two of you!

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