Mini-test Answer: To pay with a credit card

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer is C.


   Xiǎojiě, mǎidān.
A: 小姐,买单。
Ms, check please.

   Hǎode. Zǒnggòng shì 3200 yuán.
B: 好的。 总共          是 3200 元。
The total is 3200 yuan.

   Kěyǐ shuā kǎ ma?
A: 可以 刷 卡 吗?
Is credit card OK?

B: 可以。
Yes, that’s OK.


A. “多少钱(duōshǎo qián)” means how much.

B. “刷子(shuāzi)”  means brush.

C. “刷卡(shuā kǎ)” means to pay with a credit card.

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