The Eastern Carnival-火把节 The Torch Festival

Online Mandarin Chinese: The Eastern Carnival-火把节 (Huǒbǎjié) The Torch Festival

Key Learning Points (Preview):

节日(jiérì): n. festival

旅行(lǚxíng): v. to travel

“火把节 (cHuǒbǎ jié) The Torch Festival” is an ancient and important traditional “节日 (jiérì) festival” for various ethnic groups such as “彝、白、纳西 (Yí, Bái, Nàxī) Yi, Bai, Naxi” and so on. But where does the Torch Festival come from? In ancient times, the deity in heaven tried to take revenge on people by letting the dangerous insects come to earth because they refused to pay their taxes. But people used fire to kill the insects and defeated the deity, and they have coined this day “the Torch Festival” ever since.

It falls on June 24, 2011 of the Chinese lunar calendar. The Torch Festival is well-known both at home and abroad and is regarded as the eastern carnival. Some of the important activities are the “斗牛 (dòuniú) bull fight,” “斗鸡 (dòujī) cock fighting,” “摔跤 (shuāijiāo) wrestling,” “选美 (xuǎnměi) beauty contest” and so on. Nowadays, the Torch Festival has been given new meaning by people. Many people use it as an excuse to socialize, go on dates or conduct business activities. There are also many foreigners and non-native people coming for “旅行 (lǚxíng) travel” and trade.

Key Learning Points (Preview):
节日 (jiérì): n. festival


Chūnjié shì Zhōngguó zuì zhòngyào de jiérì zhī yī.
春节       是       中国         最     重要      的  节日 之 一。
Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals in China.

旅行(lǚxíng): v. to travel


   Hāi, shǔjià yǒu shénme dǎsuàn ma?
A: 嗨,暑假     有    什么        打算     吗?
    Hi, what’s your plan for the summer holiday?

    Wǒ zhǔnbèi qù Ōuzhōu lǚxíng.
B: 我  准备      去    欧洲     旅行。
     I will go to Europe to travel.

   Tài hǎo le, yì qǐ ba.
A: 太  好 了,一起 吧。
   Great. Let’s go together.

   Méi wèntí.
B: 没   问题。
   No problem.


斗牛 (dòuniú): n. bull fight

斗鸡 (dòujī): n. cock fighting

摔跤 (shuāijiāo): n. wrestling

选美 (xuǎnměi): n. beauty contest

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