Mini-Test Answer: The dishes in this restaurant taste bad.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is B.

        Zhège fànguǎn de cài bù hǎo chī.
Tom: 这个    饭馆     的  菜 不  好   吃。

        The dishes in this restaurant are not good.

        Jiù shi, yǐhòu bù lái le.
Nate: 就是,以后  不 来了。

        Yes, we will never come again.


In the above conversation, the phrase “就是 (jiù shi)” means “you are right” or “I agree with you.” It can be used as a single phrase or you can follow it with further explanation of your meaning.

          Wǒ juéde tā de jiànyì bú tài xiànshí.
Mary: 我   觉得   他的 建议  不 太   现实。

          I think his advice is not so realistic.

         Jiù shi.
Lucy: 就 是。

          I also think so.

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